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Christmas Break Information

Believe it or not, your first term is nearly finished with and for most of you that means packing up to go back home to be fed, watered and have your washing done! Before you leave for Christmas¬† though, we need you to take note of some important information below. As responsible householders, please ensure … Continue reading Christmas Break Information

December 13, 2017
Finding a House to Rent

We know that finding somewhere to rent and make home can be a very stressful process. Especially when you do not even know where to start! Over at JG headquarters, we like to think we can take the stress out of your search and are happy to give advice where we can. Here’s a short, … Continue reading Finding a House to Rent

November 1, 2017
A Guide to Clearing

‘Clearing’ is the process of universities looking to match up the empty spaces on their courses with the students who do not yet have a place confirmed. In fact, many of the top 20 Universities regularly accept students through Clearing. Most people assume that Clearing is only for those who have achieved lower than expected … Continue reading A Guide to Clearing

August 14, 2017
Student Broadband – What do I need to know?

Arranging the broadband as a student in private accommodation can be confusing. It is likely the time you have to organise your own bills. With so many options out there now, it can be overwhelming to get started. What do I need to know before arranging my broadband? These are the things you should consider … Continue reading Student Broadband – What do I need to know?

July 24, 2017