Covid-19 Work Policy

Property Viewings

  • Before a viewing can be booked clients must confirm in writing they do not have any Covid- 19 Symptoms
  • No viewings to take place in properties where tenants have COVID 19 symptoms, are self-isolating or are shielding 
  • All viewings will be on an appointment only bases  
  • Virtual viewings will be offered in the first instance
  • If a viewing must take place, you must keep distance where possible 
  • All clients are to meet outside the property 
  • All parties to sanitise their hands before and after the viewing
  • Where possible make sure all internal doors are left open during viewing, so viewers do not need to touch any areas
  • Masks to be worn by all parties upon entering the property

Maintenance Works

  • Maintenance works will only take place if the tenants confirm in writing they are not self-isolating or suffering from any Covid 19 Symptoms
  • The tenants will need to be outside of the property or in another room while the works take place
  • The maintenance worker will wear a mask upon entry to the property and sanitise hands before entry.
  • We will need to gain access over the year for important safety inspections to take place for electrical, fire safety and gas certificates. These are for your own safety and legally need to be carried out. If you are self-isolating at the initial time these need to be taken, we will re-book for 14 days’ time.

Property Inspections

  • Tenants to confirm they have no symptoms and are not self-isolating or shielding before inspection takes place
  • Masks to be worn by staff at all times
  • Sanitise hands before and after inspection
  • Touch minimal surfaces as possible

Office Setting

  • All staff to wash their hands upon arrival to the office
  • All staff should maintain social distancing where possible 
  • Hand sanitiser should be available to all staff at all times, along with access to hot water and soap. Paper towels should also be provided. 
  • Staff should be encouraged to wash their hands with soap and hot water regularly and every time they leave their desk to go to another area of the office.
  • Every member of staff is responsible for cleaning their own workstation at the start of every day.
  • All door handles and high touch areas should be sanitised after the end of day by the last person leaving the office.

This document will be reviewed regularly and updated when changes to legislation and advice alters.