Life After University – What Next?

The dreaded question everyone starts asking. So what next?

Everyone is asking Whats Next, but your still caught up spending the last three or four years studying a degree and putting everything you have into hitting those marks and making those deadlines. Where has that time has gone?

With the end of exams and the final, ‘we did it’ parties (which seem to last a few weeks), and with graduation sneaking up on the horizon, you may only just be starting to think about what is indeed next.

For some, they know exactly what they are doing and have had something lined up for a while. Which is great, and for those mates who got it all figured out you should be happy for them!

With others, it’s a sudden realisation that their life as a student is fast approaching the final chapter and they really need a plan of action.

Alas, do not fear there’s still time to work out what is up next in the life of You.

Here’s a great article from Save the Graduate which has everything you need to know about moving beyond the realm of Student Life.

The ultimate guide to life after university

Even if you have just finished your second year and you’re starting to think about what you want to do this time next year, this a great place to start. Making those enquires now means you can be the one who is that one step ahead for when the time comes!

Reading through this article it’s clear that there are so many options! Although it may seem daunting that you are standing at this crossroad with many a possible route to take. You just need to do your research. Write up a pro’s and con’s list if you’re stuck between a couple of options and just try things out! Just because you make one decision doesn’t mean that after trying it out you can’t go back to the drawing board and try something else. Nothing is forever and the world is yours!

If reading this has started to make you worry then read this article from the Guardian. Aptly named Six Reasons to Stop Panicking.

Point 6 is the one of the best to remember: You’re Not Alone.

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