Student Broadband – What do I need to know?

Arranging the broadband as a student in private accommodation can be confusing. It is likely the time you have to organise your own bills. With so many options out there now, it can be overwhelming to get started.

Broadband in your student property

What do I need to know before arranging my broadband?

These are the things you should consider when setting up your student broadband:

The speeds available to you

Most areas do have fibre optics which offer good speeds. Be aware though that there are still properties that have the old copper wires which have lower speeds. Use for a guide on the speeds you can expect in the area.

The length of contract

If your tenancy is 12 months long, it’s not worth getting a 2-year broadband deal. Getting an 18-month contract may have its benefits, but cancelling 6 months before the contract expires will incur expensive cancellation fees. Additionally, there are student-specific 9-month contracts. These can be beneficial if you are only in your student house from late September until June.

The Price

In addition to the monthly cost, be aware of set up costs, delivery fees and charges for going over your data allowance.

Data Allowances

How much data will you need? Streaming TV /films, online gaming and downloading large files will use lots of data. If this is you then you may want to look into getting an unlimited data package. If you only use the internet for general browsing, then it could be more economical to opt for a package with limited data.

Do you want a calls package?

Most suppliers will need you to pay line rental in order to supply your broadband. However, if you are not going to be using the phone line for calls then it is not worth having. If you are planning on using your landline for calls, it is worth getting a specific calls package as this will drastically reduce the amount you pay.

Do you want a TV package?

Most companies will offer a TV package as well, particularly if you are looking at one of the big companies like Sky or BT. Consider if this is something your group would like, but also appreciate the additional cost this will involve.

Paying the bills

Normally, one tenant will take the lead and set up the broadband on behalf of the whole house. This responsibility includes paying the bill. They then go round to each tenant to collect their portion of the bill. If you do not like the sound of this there are other options. Companies such as Split The Bills and Glide will organise your broadband for you. They then charge each tenant individually as if you all have a separate account.

Price Comparison

Compare The Market and Moneysupermarket are just two of the many out there. It’s always worth checking direct suppliers though, just in case there are any special deals that aren’t advertised on the comparison sites.

Set up your package in advance

Give yourself plenty of time to do research the packages. If you can, place the order at least 3 weeks before you move in. This allows you the freedom to activate your account for whenever is suitable for you.

Remember to cancel your package before you move out

Make sure to contact your provider and cancel your package. Setting up a reminder for a month or two before your tenancy ends is a good idea. There is normally a notice period and you do not want to be paying for broadband after your tenancy has ended.


It is important to do some research before placing your broadband order. You want to make sure you get the right deal for your tenant group. Make sure everyone is happy with the package and the costs are clear. This should set you up in good stead to get the best deal available.

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