Moving Out Check List

Exam and deadline season is coming to an end and so is your tenancy! So its time to start thinking about packing up, moving on to your next house or back home for the summer.

Here are 10 things you may want to think about when your moving out

  1. If your having a clear out before packing think whether you can be taking things to your local charity shop and/or getting things recycled.
  2. Make sure you pack all your belongings. It may sound obvious but check if you have left things in the kitchen or lounge, or even your housemates room!
  3. Clear all rubbish out – including that collection under your bed that has building since start of your tenancy!
  4. Once you are all packed, check what was stated on your inventory so that everything is present and correct for the landlords check.
  5.  Make sure you notify any companies you are no longer at the address. Especially if you signed up to any bank accounts or doctors with that address.
  6. Have a clean! I know its not fun, but putting some bleach down the loo and wiping down some sides goes a long way.
  7. Check what you need to do with your keys! We have provided you with padded envelopes to pop the keys back in the post to us. Make sure to write your name and room number only on the slip inside so we know it yours.
  8. Check heating, hot water and any other appliances are switched off .
  9. Make sure to close all windows in the house and lock the back and front doors.
  10. Finally, taking all your belongings and rubbish with you, say goodbye to your student house! The memories made here will stay with you forever!

If you ever have any questions on what to do give us a call in the office, we always love hearing from our students. Best of luck in the rest of your Student Journey!

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