Christmas Break Information

Believe it or not, your first term is nearly finished with and for most of you that means packing up to go back home to be fed, watered and have your washing done!

Before you leave for Christmas  though, we need you to take note of some important information below.

  1. Ensure you leave your heating on low before you go home.

Leaving the heating on is vital. A burst pipe running for any length of time can leave the house uninhabitable for months. We will try to come to check that you have done this as early in the holidays as possible. So if you are staying in the property over the holidays please let me know and we won’t bother you.

2. Please make provision for paying January’s rent if you have not done so already.

It is due on 1st January, but if your loan is later than this please let us know so we can make other arrangements for you. Please also ensure that any outstanding rent is paid before you go home.

3. Rats 

Whatever you do, don’t leave out waste food on plates etc. to rot while you are away or the house will stink when you get back and you could find yourself infested with rats and/or mice, together with a large bill to get rid of them. You should also check the fridges for anything that may rot over the Christmas period.

4. Make sure all rubbish or recycling is put in the correct bin.


If you leave any other bags out, they will still be there when you get back but ripped to shreds by animals. The Council will identify the culprits and dish out heavy fines. If you have excess bags take them to the tip on Vauxhall Road, CT1 1QY.


Bag everything up and put the bags out. You will know your bin collection days by now and these are as normal up to 24 December. Make sure you have a good clear out the night before as you are not allowed to put bags out for longer than a day and will be fined by the Council if you do. You will need to take any excess bags to the tip – Ambley Road off Hoath Road ME8 0SJ.

5. Run the taps

When returning to the house, run the taps for two minutes so the water supply is fresh and not stagnant water that has been sitting in the pipes for weeks.

Lastly, from everyone at JG Student Lets, have a great Christmas and new year, and return safe and well!

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