Request A Repair

Please report all maintenance issues by raising a ticket within the StuRents App downloadable via your app store.

App Store
Google Play Store (Android)

Here you will be able to keep track of the progress of your ticket and submit photos of the issue, which are very useful for our tradesman, so they can attend and repair your issue efficiently.

To do this you need to follow the simple steps below (Please assign 1 ticket per issue)–

1. Sign in to StuRents Tenancy App

2. Click the House icon – Located on the second left tool bar at the bottom of the App

3. This will take you to a page that holds all the information about your tenancy

4. Click MY SUPPORT – This will show you all your reported issues where you can track existing tickets as well as report new tickets

5. To raise a new ticket, click NEW TICKET

6. You will be asked the location of the issue where you can simply input the room with the issue including room number if applicable

7. Click CONTINUE which then asks you to input a detailed description of the issue with photo evidence if possible

8. Click CONTINUE and you can then leave a contact number that you wish to be contacted on

9. Once the information has been populated, you will then be issued with a unique ticket number. This ticket will then be pushed through to our dashboard for us to action.

Within this App you will also be able to view all of your documents and useful information about the property, and receive notifications when we send you messages, like this one. Any questions please get in touch.


If you are experiencing an out of hours emergency please see the emergency contact list here



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